conboy lake

A beautiful winter hike.

mt hood meadows

A beautiful summer hike! It goes under the chairlifts of the ski area. The meadows are chock full of lupines and indian paintbrush.

Junction Lake

In the stunningly beautiful Indian Heaven Wilderness near Mt. Adams. Truly stunning.

silver star mountain

Without a doubt, the most incredible display of wildflowers ever.

Cape disappointment state park

Where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean, this is a sweet little cove in the park.

rock lake

Another Indian Heaven lake, this path is only accessible late in summer when the water is low.


crater lake

Oregon’s only National Park, this is a stunningingly blue lake inside a caldera, the remains of Mt Mazama which erupted thousands of years ago.



The view looking south from Cascade Head along the beautiful Oregon Coast. In the distance is God’s Thumb and beyond, Lincoln City