Case Studies

A quick overview of some notable successes I'd like to share to give you a better idea of what I offer to my clients with professionally designed print pieces. I'm really good at taking a high volume of content and making it flow and feel good.


Portland Children's Levy Annual Report

I've worked closely with my client, MaryGay Broderick, as her creative partner and graphic designer to come up with a new design direction each year for this annual report. She counts on me for original ideas and spot-on production skills. The Levy is funded by a City of Portland property tax. It funds programs which provide services to six categories of need: Child Abuse Prevention (helping parents to cope), After School (gives kids help with homework), Mentoring (Big Brother type programs), Hunger (local food pantries), Early Childhood (Head Start), and Foster Care. The reports have a kid-friendly look to reflect the nature of the Levy's work and to reflect each theme.

Some of the ideas I've come up with include: A Day in the Life; this report broke down the day into six time segments and focused on each service category. Another year I used hand-drawn signs that I then had the kids hold up, these photos then served as the headlines throughout the report (cover shown at left). Another report sed a building blocks theme to emphasize the work the Levy does to help families progress.

Specific Skills represented by these reports:

  • Original creative concepts

  • Pie charts, tables, graphs in original concept

  • Infographics

  • Clever layout

Stacy and Witbeck, Transit Construction Company Marketing Materials

SWI is another long term client I've had the privilege of working with. They are one of the premier rail builders in the US and have built most of the light rail and streetcar lines in Portland. I've partnered with them for 12 years, providing layout and design of lots of marketing materials, including pocket folders, capabilities brochures and assorted and sundry other print pieces.

The majority of the work is proposal layouts for projects they are seeking for new light rail or streetcar projects in cities across the country. I work closely with the marketing team under extremely time-critical deadlines to produce organized and attractive publications that are filled with technical information. Typically I create tables and charts and original project understanding maps that help illustrate the company's approach to the project. I'm not able to show any of the interior pages but I can show one of the covers that I especially like. And yes, they did win this proposal. 

Specific skills represented by these materials:

  • Effective and organized layouts

  • Original maps

  • Original tables, charts, graphs

  • Award-winning design (as in they won the job!)




Confluence is a donor-supported nonprofit that connects people to place through art and education, working with with Northwest communities, tribes and artist Maya Lin to create reflective moments about the Columbia River system. They share stories of this river through six public art installations, educational programs, community engagement and a rich digital experience. 

As a native Oregonian I'm very interested in helping support this effort and have donated much of my design time to further the cause. One project I've been working on is the 20-page booklet that describes Confluence in the Classroom, a project that connects a Native artist or tradition keeper with a K-12 classroom to do a meaningful project about the Columbia River system. 

Confluence has an already-established style guideline which I have followed in my designs. I've used designs from some of the Native artists along with photographs that depict the beautiful Columbia River. This project is not yet finished but comments on the first draft included, "This is great!"

Specific skills represented by these materials:

  • Working with an already established design guideline

  • Creative layout

  • Original design based on an overarching theme

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