Watering in the morning is promoted with this illustration. Newspaper on the porch!
 Hand drawn light rail train.
 Snippet from a larger map of the City of Bend water system.
 Bathroom sink, from a cover for a lead brochure for City of Portland
 Illustration for a proposal for a construction company showing stakeholders sitting around a conference table
 For a City of Portland brochure
 The Bull Run reservoir, Portland's drinking water source
 Worms are good for your garden! City of Portland summer water conservation brochure.
 Sprinkler for a water conservation brochure. I loved sprinklers when I was little. My sister bought me a vintage one for my last birthday which I covet.
 Eat your veggies! Two meatless days a week cut your water footprint by 16%
House Drawing #1
House Drawing #2
 Water treatment illustration for the City of Salem
 Water meter
 Hose timer, for Clackamas River Water Providers rebate brochure.
 A drawing for the Clackamas River Water Providers' Water Conservation Calendar .. check out the little girl who is afraid of the big brushes clomping over the car. I know my kids were scared of it!
 This was on a children's calendar that I do for Clackamas River Water Providers. We used to make my mom breakfast in bed. My kids never did for me; they know better.
 Don't use running water to rinse your vegetables, use a pan of water.
 Limit your shower to 5 minutes! Wish my family would do it.
 Bubbling water fountain.
 Another illustration from the children's calendar. Thawing frozen pipes with a hairdryer.
 Use old fish water to water your plants.
 Orange flowers. 
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