One of my favorite clients is the Northwest Gas Association (NWGA). I created a new Style Guide for all their materials and have gone on to design brochures, fact sheets and their annual report. And maps. I do a lot of maps. I love maps. This one shows the service area for NWGA.
 I-84 highway projects in the Columbia River Gorge 
 For the Intertwine Alliance I designed a set of 8 different Adventure Cards, each with an original map. I've shown the cards under my brochure category. 
 This is an illustrative or, as some people call them, cartoon map. I do a lot of this type of thing. It's a great way for the public at large to be able to visualize a place. This was done for the City of Salem's water quality report, shows their water supply source.
 I created original route maps for each of five different Sunday Parkways routes and update them each summer as the routes varied.
 Cartoon map showing the City of Bend water system. Check out Tumalo Falls. I love that part of the illustration.
 One of many I've done for ODOT, a simple vicinity map. Simple but attractive and contemporary. 
 Another easy to read map showing potential water resources, Tualatin Valley Water District.
 A cool "cartoon style" map for the Tualatin Valley Water District, highlighting water sources.
Downtown Salem Map
Parks Map City of Salem
 For the iconic Ross Island Bridge (aren't all of Portland's bridges iconic???), I created this project area map. And drew the bridge. By hand. Okay, by mouse.
 Another water resources map highlighting surrounding water districts for Clackamas River Water Providers.
 A Ten Toe Walks map that I originated and drew for the 2013 summer walk series, part of SmartTrips.
 An original map hand drawn for Sharon Wood Wortman's Portland Bridge Book.
 For Northwest Gas Association, a map showing Oregon's natural gas system.
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