Xmas Greetings . . .

. . . past and present.


Up top is my current greeting card design which I've sent to many of my clients. I do send out cards several times a year; if you'd like to be included on my list, please email me your address. Note the umbrella theme. And the raindrops that are now snowflakes. 

Consistent imaging, that's what I focus on in all my marketing materials. I'm lucky to have a last name which lends itself to all sorts of creative applications (thanks LJR). The umbrella image works. I recently was at an awards night and was re-introducing myself to a business person I'd met previously. I recognized her name. She didn't remember my face, but when I mentioned my name she said, "Oh yeah, the umbrellas." A brief moment of glory for me and realization of my branding success. Which is my goal. It should be your goal too. If you need help devising an effective new image, or "look" for your brand, give me a jingle. 

Herewith some previous Xmas cards. Keep in mind, these were done BEFORE Apple and hence before computers were used for design. These were created the old-fashioned way, with hand cut out film and hand drawn images. Yeow. So the card on the left using the same umbrellas-as-xmas-tree concept is a little rough. A little. Okay, a lot. And the reindeer (I have a really cool reindeer collection, btw, probably more than 60, I've kind of lost count) is funky. Check out one of my old logos below him, an umbrella and rain, huh.

On to 2015!