Teamwork Works

This might be an odd first post for my BRAND NEW BLOG but having just completed a weekend of Dragon Boat Racing I feel the love of my fabulous team and think there's some value to be shared with what we learned this season that is easily applied to business success.

Which really isn't any different from what we all learned in school but still ...

Work hard toward your goal. Even if it's a lofty one and even if it's higher than you think you can achieve. This meant we ended up in a higher division than we could medal in (no first, second or third place for us) but we felt good about having achieved this level anyway. 

It's not always about winning a medal. See above. As long as you feel you've given it your all, you've won. 

Have fun while you're working hard. That makes a loss (if you wanna call it that but really, just participating is the goal) more bearable. Having fun at whatever you're doing makes it all worthwhile. 

Don't sweat the small stuff. Keep things in perspective. A couple of years ago our flag catcher missed the flag (if you're a dragon boater you know what this means; to the rest of you it means you've lost that race big time). Oh well. Move on. There's always another race ... or another proposal.

Celebrate. Even if you don't win it all, take time to celebrate what you HAVE won.

Over and out.

Until next time, don't let a shower spoil your day.