Stephen Hawking

The other night OPB had a biography of Stephen Hawking. The smartest man in the world. Who proved the existence of the big bang.

This man cannot talk, let alone move.

And yet.

He has contributed so much to the scientific knowledge base of our world and made an incredible impact on every human on the planet, whether they know it or not. Discovering without a doubt that our universe was created based on scientific facts and didn't require a god particle (uh oh) to trigger it was quite a statement, hailed by some, assailed by others. 

And yet.

He cannot talk or move or blink. His illness has progressed to the point that he communicates by moving the muscles in his cheek. Thanks to people at Google and Intel and other phenomenally gifted techie types who created a system that would work for him and allow him to continue to teach us what he knows and what he continues to discover.

What barriers do we throw up every day that prevent us from achieving all we could achieve? What excuses do we invent to allow us to skip over the hard stuff? I'm pretty sure Stephen Hawking has thought of all of them.

And yet.

He soldiers on.

Just thinking about his very existence can be a catalyst for our own actions.

Thank you Stephen Hawking.