In New York . . .

Do as the New Yorkers do.


This used to be my mantra when visiting from the hick town of Portland. Try to dress like they do, act cool (a stretch), act nonchalant and important (another stretch). I've been lucky to be able it visit often since my daughter has been here for four years and my son is now in college here. I love New York and fear I probably subliminally urged (pushed?) each kid to come here. Maybe it's because I wish for them what I never had, a chance to live in the Big Apple. I do envy them on some levels. But I digress.

Back to my point of trying to blend in. Guess what. It's no longer necessary. Whether I've matured to a point that I'm comfortable enough with who I am or whether the world has become so connected and small that styles are now universal I'm not sure. I suspect it's a combination. But mostly it's because Portland has become so hip that it's actually leading trends now. Who'd a thunk? Even in New York. At the little breakfast place in Brooklyn yesterday they're serving Stumptown coffee. I passed a Stumptown coffee shop in the Village. There's a Pok Pok in Brooklyn. Portland and northwest influences are all over. Now instead of feeling like a hick I feel a little smug. Nothing like a jolt of smugness to up your self confidence!

But like in my design business I know it's all really related to experience and a certain comfort level that comes from years of doing the same thing. And getting better at it.

And knowing it's actually good to stand out from the crowd.