A good old-fashioned phone call

Yesterday I had some issues with PayPal credit not issuing a credit from a company who charged me for a service I had requested to stop. I went back and forth with both companies, the seller claiming they had already issued the refund, PayPal saying they had no record of it. I had sent PayPal a "resolution required" complaint which they decided to cancel! Nice service. I called PayPal again (at least I could actually talk to somebody) and he decided the way to handle it was to issue a new resolution complaint that would take another two weeks or so to resolve. I suggested he just CALL the seller and resolve it on the phone, instead of having to go all through their process that takes forever. It took him awhile to realize he could do that. Once he called the seller, the situation was easily fixed. 

Why can't we just call people on the phone anymore to resolve issues? I was online yesterday (it was a day of conflict resolution) for an hour with Squarespace and Namecheap, using their "Chat Live" feature. Which is VERY cumbersome. Takes forever for the chatter to respond, especially since I learned one of my "chatters" is in the UKRAINE. It would be so entirely much faster if we could just pick up a phone and talk to a live person and if there is a technical problem, have them walk you through the necessary steps.

Technology is great but sometimes we just need to think about whether or not it's actually serving us.