Nuggets from Nashville

Here are some tidbits I picked up from the Designers Retreat in Nashville.

Nuggets from Nashville

I promised to share some of what I learned at my designers retreat so here are some tidbits I picked up last month. The retreat was focused on helping creative freelancers learn better ways to get our business running smoothly and to empower us to focus on our craft. This is just a sprinkling of the many ideas I came away with–there were many! I'll bet there's something here you can apply to your business.

And let me just say, Nashville (aka Nash Vegas) is one wild city. I loved all the original neon signs that still stand . . . not to mention all the free music that was everywhere. I had a lot of fun with Mallory Gazecki of SlickandSlicker checking out historic bars like this one.

• Before working with a new client, ask yourself, "Will this client enable me to do my best work?"
• Good question to ask: "Let's see if we're a good fit."
• Spend one day a quarter on redefining your business vision.
Thanks to Emily Cohen

• Put some thought into your messaging. Use the right key words in your profile title, that title follows you everywhere.
• What differentiates you must resonate with your target market: it doesn't have to be unique or innovative.
Thanks to Ilise Benun at Marketing Mentor

• TOMA: Create Top of Mind Awareness so when future clients are ready, they think of you first.
• Be crystal clear about why you're doing what you do.
• Practice makes progress.
Thanks to Maurice DiMino
• Marketing is tactics
• Branding is strategy
• Find a group on LinkedIn based on your target market, contact them, or better yet, attend their conference. It's a great way to prospect.
Thank to Nancy Ruzow at Ruzow Graphics

• Something is calling you to do what you do . . . believe in it and believe in yourself.
• Know the "Why" before you attempt the "How." Live it and create it and the how will appear when you're ready.

• MAKE IT MATTER: Do good work, and the work will come to you.
• This is my favorite of all the tidbits: Passion takes its own steps.
Thanks to Rashelle Roberts

And finally, the simplest of reminders yet maybe the most meaningful:
• Be nice
• Do really good work
• Meet deadlines
Thanks to Jim Krause

I'm using some of these tidbits to strengthen my business operations and provide better service to my clients. I also found lots of inspiration for my design and illustration work. I'd be happy to help inspire your business as well.