Cultivating Good

Okay I'll admit it, this is a reprint of my newsletter but it's a good one so I have chosen to show it here. Enjoy!

Some years back my husband had several stents placed in his heart. Before they discharged him from the hospital, a therapist stopped by to talk with us about our lifestyle and how he dealt with any stress in his life. We had no good answer.

So her next question was, "What is your passion, what moves you, what makes you happy?" And, "How often do you make time in your life for what you love to do?" Your body is sending you a message, she said. Now is the time to listen to that message, and find those things that sustain you and feed your soul, and do them.

The top thing on his list was getting out of the city to hike and see wildflowers. It's one thing that we both love, (well, who doesn't love wildflowers, but not many people can name them like he can!). We now make it a point to get out often, into the wilds, and most often to the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. It just feels good.

I've never forgotten what a powerful gift that therapist gave us. Clearly she knew there was a connection between happy activities and a happy heart.

Knowing what makes you happy isn't hard to identify, but taking the time to embrace it, well, that's often another story. I hope you can find the time to do whatever it is that feeds your soul.

It'll cultivate good, for your body and your soul.

The arrowleaf balsamroot is in full bloom right now, this is the Tom McCall Preserve in the Columbia River Gorge. Mt. Adams in the background. Indian paintbrush, lupine and tons of other wildflowers are at their peak this time of year.

As a degree-carrying landscape architect, you just know I love cultivating a garden. And as an experienced graphic designer, I'm pretty good at tending to your print materials to make them shine. Let me know if your business materials need nurturing.