A Little Birdie Told Me

Now that the weather is better (finally!), there's a little birdie who sings outside my window each morning. He chirps and twitters in the sweetest way and never fails to make me smile. I'm not sure it's always the same bird, or if he is in fact a he, I just know s/he sits in the same branch on top of the holly tree outside my office and sings away.

Such a simple expression of joy! Would that I could sing like a bird. Sadly, it's a skill which my family gene pool sorely lacks. But we did get the creative gene (my sister is a published author) and this year, as part of my 30th-year-in-business celebration, I'm singing a new tune with a new creative project that lets me sing my way – through design.

I'm part of an accountability group of independent creatives who meet monthly for mutual motivation and encouragement. We've each identified a "Dare to Dream" goal. Because I love digital illustration, my Dream project is all about creating a body of original illustrations that combine my love of hiking with my love of shape, form and color. When I find the time to work on it (client work comes first, of course, thank you clients!) I feel like I'm singing my own song.

So how about you, do you have a dream goal? Have you been thinking about some new project for your business? Has your business been singing the same old tired tune for too long and you're ready for a beautiful new look? Maybe it's time to sing your praises with a fabulous annual report? I'm sure you'll need some specialized design attention to make sure you hit the right note.

If you've got a song in your heart just waiting to be set free, let's talk! I've got some great ideas. You'll be whistling a happy tune in no time. 

And that's the end of the singing idioms.

Thanks for reading. Keep in touch.