What's Your Favorite?

Several months ago (actually it's been a year, yikes) I mentioned a project I was working on that I would soon share . . . that day has finally arrived! I've been creating a line of digital illustrations (these take FOREVER to do) of the places we hike near Portland. One of our favorite destinations is the gorgeous lakes of Indian Heaven Wilderness, near Mt. Adams in southwest Washington. This one is Junction Lake, so named because it's at the intersection of several trails, one of which is the Pacific Coast Trail, made famous by the movie Wild

Below are four more selections from other favorite hikes, top to bottom: Silver Star Mountain (fantastic wildflower display, three mountains in the background), Conboy Lake Wildlife Refuge (nice winter hike), Dead Man's Cove (on the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Columbia River), and, of course, Mt. Hood.

If you really love these and want one to display in your home or office, they're all available for purchase by clicking here: https://society6.com/christinerains. You can also get all sorts of other products on the Society6 site: pillows, notecards, travel mugs, pouches, even a shower curtain (I kid you not). 

So do you have a favorite? Let me know! I'm curious as to which is the most popular although I have a hunch it's the birch trees at Conboy.