Ah yes, the new year


And what might your goal be for the new year? I admit I have multiple goals. I'm a good goal maker. Not such a good goal achiever. This year I intend to actually achieve some of my goals.

I say that every year.

This year will be different.

I say that every year also.

Thanks to the help of several professionals, I think I have a better understanding of how to actually get to where I want to go. Treating my goal seriously, I took three steps:

1 - I spent one solid day at a "Goal Setting Retreat with Dr Sarah Stebbins which gave me time to focus on myself, without any distractions, and had me ask myself the hard questions. Like what's holding me back from achieving that goal? Ooh, ouch. The answer can be scary.  And enlightening.

2 - I attended a lunchtime talk by @DanaCoreyMRE full of tidbits and tools to use to apply to your business ... or your goal. 

3 - I also spent an hour talking with one of my CreativesRoundtable partners @lsvdesign who, also, had some great ideas that I can borrow. These were focused more on social media but any type of tip that helps me work smarter is a win in the first column (or second, depending on how you set up your goals).

But seriously, I've already made some progress toward one. 

For the past two years my goal has been to get some of my illustration work onto a platform that will allow it to be bought. I'm calling it: "Monetize my Art." A catchy little phrase. You'll never see this one on Wheel of Fortune. Then again, maybe you will; they have some really odd "phrases" .... but I digress (and also I admit what we do in the evening).

But on Sundays we hike. Practically every Sunday we head out to some of the great trails in the Pacific Northwest. And so of course I have tons of beautiful photos. I've started drawing them, digitally with vector art. I think they're quite lovely. They take forever and thus I've only actually completed one. But I have two more nearing completion. AND I have set up an account at ArtPal, a website that lets you show your art and then if people want to purchase it they can do it through the site. They'll print-on-demand for you and mail it also. So I actually have one of my drawings up there now. 

Ta da! Goal underway!