I'll have to eat my words

On a recent trip up the Columbia Gorge to get some peaches at Maryhill (so yummy) we stopped by the cemetery and I spied this absolutely beautiful type specimen. 

Usually I am the first to rail about the use of multiple decorative fonts but in this case I think it's not only appropriate, it's also quite lovely.

I like everything about this and I think it's a perfect example of mixing decorative typefaces.

At the top. the script type (the closest I could match is ShelleyVolante which has the really beautiful M) establishes a sense of dignity. The C E M E T E R Y letters, another decorative font work because of the contrast in weight between the other type. District #4 looks like a Futura and as such is a nice, go-with-everything sans serif.

The spacing between Wm. & Mary is funky but that's about the worst thing I can say.

Maybe the fact that it's been softened by the years of standing in this arid climate makes all the type coalesce so nicely. Whatever, it's a good example of how decorative type CAN be mixed successfully.

Which is not to say it's a good idea, just that it can be done.

Oh and here's a picture of the new label for Gunkel Orchards where we get our peaches. It's pretty much the view that you get from the Maryhill Cemetery, looking west down the Columbia River with Mt. Hood in the background.